Monday, July 11, 2011

Red Paint: The Truth

“PETA throws red paint on people all the time!” Well, no, PETA doesn't. PETA sometimes uses red paint on their own fur coats…the coats donated to PETA when people learn the truth behind fur. PETA uses those coats in colorful demonstrations. It’s a great way to get the media, and the media is a mouthpiece for animals (love ‘em or hate ‘em, you gotta work with ‘em).

There are many, many animal rights activists in the world. And a lot of them have no connection to PETA whatsoever. We can’t control activists who do throw paint on fur-wearers. We aren’t the Animal Liberation Front, nor are we connected to them. We aren’t the Humane Society. We aren’t a shelter. We aren’t the Animal Welfare League of Topeka.

PETA has nothing against red paint. And we try not to talk down other groups and activists. They do their thing, we do ours.

But we find it’s a lot more effective to put the fake blood on ourselves, get some media, and then education millions about animal suffering. We like corporate negotiations, scientific research, shareholder resolutions and building doghouses. We like performing free spays and neuters and giving away Tofurky sandwiches. We really like doing undercover investigations and then sharing what we find with the whole world, while demanding criminal charges for the abusers.

We also really, really like good vegan food.

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